About Rocky Hill Reindeer


Established in 1999 Rocky Hill Reindeer acquired three reindeer. Two from the tundra region of the world and one from a southern reindeer farm. The herd has grown over the years and prospered. Provisions were put in place to insure the herd’s health and well being. A special diet is provided along with shelter and cooling to cope with conditions in this southern region.

Rocky Hill Reindeer is licensed by the USDA to exhibit reindeer in this country. Our customers include many venues – shopping centers and malls, theme parks, Christmas tree farms, children’s museums, dinner theaters, medical offices, banks, townships, automotive part manufactures, zoos, restaurants, schools, private parties along with varied retail businesses and even a federal defense operations plant.

Reindeer health is important to us and we are members of the Reindeer Owners and Breeders Association of North America and the United States Animal Health Association. We strive for healthy and happy reindeer!





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